2018 Apartments Tariff


1 Bedroomed Apartment – Trevose or St AnthonyNightlyWeekly
January 1st to March 24th£75£385
March 24th to April 14th£80£420
April 14th to May 5th£80£385
May 5th – June 30th£80£455
June 30th to September 1stSaturday Changeover£595
September 1st to September 22nd£80£455
September 22nd to October 20th£80£420
October 20th to October 27th£80£455
October 27th to December 31st£80£385


2 Bedroomed Apartment – Longships or Wolf Rock
January 1st to March 24th£105£560
March 24th to April 14th£110£630
April 14th to May 5th£110£560
May 5th – June 30th£110£630
June 30th to September 1stSaturday Changeover£805
September 1st to September 22nd£110£630
September 22nd to October 20th£110£560
October 20th to October 27th£110£630
October 27th to December 31st£110£560


2018 Godrevy House Tariff

Jan 1st – March 24th £595 per week or £125 per night for any three or more nights.
March 24th – April 7th £695 per week
April 7th – April 28th£595 per week
April 28th – May 19th£775 per week
May 19th – June 23rd£795 per week
June 23rd – July 7th £895 per week
July 7th – September 1st £1375 per week
September 1st – September 29th £795 per week
September 29th – October 27th £695 per week
October 27th – December 15th£595 per week or £125 per night for any three or more nights.
December 15th to December 31st£695 per week